On your Adopia account page, click My Account. Under the My Account Information pop up window your account information is displayed. You are unable to change your Name & Address, Contact Info and your billing info. If you would like to change those sections of your account information please contact an Adopia Support member. On the bottom of the screen you are able to modify your Opt-In Settings by clicking View of Update.

Under Email Settings you are able to edit your From Name, From Email and Reply to Email. When editing your Reply to Email address make sure their is someone in your organization has access to this email address. Subscriber responses, automated replies and out of office messages will come in from this email address. 

Next, choose whether or not you'd like to send all your user lists a welcome mail after opting in, encouraging them to double-opt in or become an official member of your site. You have the choice of Email Subscriptions, Web Subscriptions and Import Subscriptions. If you choose web subscriptions you can send your lists a welcome email through the API. By choosing Import Subscriptions you can automatically send users a welcome mail when importing your lists via CSV file.  

In the next section (Opt-In Settings), you can customize how you'd like your welcome email to look when users who opt-in. Enter the Subject Name, and choose whether you'd like to use a default template or one you have created in Manage Templates. Next,enter your Custom Plain Message or Custom HTML Message to entice potential members to join. Then enter your company's signature that will be at end of your welcome mail message. 

In the Customize Confirm Page section, you are able to choose where you'd like the user to be directed upon confirming their membership via email. Enter your website URL and check whether you'd like to pass the users information onto the confirmation page. 

In the Customize Unsubscribe Page Section, you can enter a link to your unsubscribe page by selecting Website URL and entering your site's web address. Then check whether you'd like to pass the users information onto the unsubscribe page.

Click Save when you are finished.