Spam is an issue in our everyday lives. It wastes your time to delete unsolicited mail from your mailbox every day. There is a solution however. Reporting the spam to the right organization will help reduce your spam rate. If you suspect a spammer you can report them. Below are steps to reporting a spammer:

1.  Identify who is sending the spam message. The From: line from that user is usually forged.

2.  Identify the ISP responsible for the original message.

3.  Seek out the party responsible at the ISP, contact them about the message and send them a report. 

All emails sent through Adopia ( or any reputable ESPs ) have an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email for being removed from the mailing list. You can use that Unsubscribe link to be removed from that specific Mailing List.
If you received an email from any of our Adopia clients and would like to ensure that you would never receive any more emails from any of the Adopia clients who use our services, you may unsubscribe here -