There can be a number of reasons why your message is going to the spam folder, but the reputation of the sender and the content of your messages matter the most. Adopia sends your messages 

through our servers and because of our stellar reputation for following specific industry guidelines, ISP's will be more inclined to let your mail reach the inbox, especially since you are able to test

the content of your messages using Adopia. ISP's test the content of messages using content filters to determine whether the message should reach the inbox or the junk folder. Adopia has the 

ability to send your mails to a test account to see if the mail lands in the inbox or the junk folder using the Test Mail function located in the Create a Broadcast section of your Adopia account. You 

are also able to use the Check Spam Score function to see if any specific content in your message would be prone to being caught by content filters. On a scale of 0-5 (5 being the highest spam level),

your email will be gauged on whether it’s likely to end up in the inbox or the spam folder. You are able to make corrections to your message based on the spam score if necessary. 

Having users Double Opt-In you your subscriber list is also instrumental in insuring lower numbers of SPAM complaints and will aid in your inbox delivery. It's also important to include a plain text version 

of your message. It's perfectly acceptable to create an html based message for your subscribers as long as a plain text version of the message is offered as well. Adopia gives you the option of creating 

an html message, plain text message or both inside Create a New Broadcast