A webform is a gateway for a user to receive information they are requesting. The information being requested is usually related to a product or service.

Video Tutorial

Yes, Adopia allows you to be able to select and/or create a contact form for visitor to opt-in on your website. 

How Do I Create a Contact Form?

Click Manage Webform on the Adopia account page.

Under Manage Webform click Create New Webform. 

Select a template or create your own custom one by clicking Blank Templates

Once you select a template click Next Step to continue. 

Under Create New Webform you have the option to Add Fields, Add Text and Add Images, to your template. 

On the side of the page you can choose between popular fields and custom fields and drag them where you'd like them to be placed on your contact form. 

Before preceding to the Next Step you have the option to add a header, footer, privacy request, powered by, captcha and a how field to your web form. 

Click Next Step when finished. 

On the next page Name Your Webform, select the setup of your Thank-you page by choosing DefaultCustom or Stay on Current Page. If you select 

Custom enter a URL that has the information you want displayed on your web page. 

Under "How you will publish this form to your website," choose whether you'd like to install the web form yourself or whether you need Adopia to 

install the webform for you. If you intend to install the webform yourself, the Javascript or HTML code will be displayed for your implementation needs. 

If you want Adopia to host your webform select I need Adopia to host my webform, enter your website URL and click Copy to ClickBoard.

When you are finished click Complete Webform.