Split testing is a way of comparing and applying two or more different strategies for broadcast messages in an experiment. If you're interested in comparing the success of two different broadcast messages against each other, try using Adopia's Manage Split-Test feature. 

Video Tutorial 

To test the success of different emails against each other click Manage Split-Test

Next click Create Split-Test.

Under Create Split-Test enter the Name of your Split-Test, choose the list of your recipients you would like to send to by checking the mailing lists you have added 

under Include Recipients.

You have the option of organizing and filtering your mailing lists by clicking Create A New Filter

In the Create a New Filter popup window Name Your Filter and Select Join DateIn Filter Criteria you can choose what information (Email, Gender, Zip, etc...) to include

and what to exclude in your mailing list.For example, if you wish to not mail to recipients on your list that are Yahoo members,  you would select "Email," "Is Not"

and then "Yahoo." You can add as many filters as you'd like by clicking +  and you can subtract filters by clicking XClick Create Filter when finished. 

When finished click Next Step.

On the next page, select the two messages you want to split-test against one another and select the duration that you want your mails sent out by choosing to Immediately send message,

Send message at a later time or Send the message over a period of hours. If you select to Send the message over a Period of Hours enter the number of hours you want the message sent over.

For example, if your mailing list contains 100 people and you enter 2 hours as the duration, 50 people will receive the mail in the first hour and the other 50 people will receive it in the 


When finished click Send Now.