An autoresponder occurs when someone requests information and are sent a previously scheduled email message. Adopia’s easy to use service makes it simple to create and manage your autoresponders, so you can communicate with your users and save time. 

Video Tutorial 

In your Adopia account click Manage Autoresponder

Next, click Create Autoresponder

Select whether you'd a PLAIN TEXT or HTML FORMAT message. 

Under Create Autoresponder, select the number of days you want your autoresponder message to be sent in and whether you would like that to be the 

default sendingtime going forward. Next, select a period of time to send the mail out and the amount of a delay wanted before the mail is sent out. Next, 

enter Contacts Name, From, From Name and Subject. By choosing Add New From Field you can add multiple email address' relating to the campaign you 

are mailing to. You also have the option of choosing Select Custom Fields if you'd like to add contact information easily and so the email appears like it is 

directly for the recipient. 

On the bottom, you have the options to Add Attachments to the mail, Test the Mail, Check the Spam Score and Save Template. By choosing to Test the Mail 

you have the option to send your email to a test account of your choice to see if the email lands in the Inbox or Spam folder. If it lands in the Spam folder you

can make necessary changes to the mail and keep testing until it reaches the inbox. Simply enter your test account’s email address and click Test It. When 

finished typing your message you can check the spam level your mail registers by clicking Check Spam Score. On a scale of 0-5 (5 being the highest spam level),
your email will be gauged on whether it’s likely to end up in the 
inbox or the spam folder. You can add a suppression list by clicking Add a New Suppression List.

Under Add Mask(s) in Suppression List you can choose whether you'd like to Import your suppression list or manually enter the email addresses you wish to be


Before sending your autoresponder you have the option of whether or not you want to track the autoresponder's message open rate by selecting Track Open Rate 

and/or the click through rate of the autoresponder by clicking Track Click Through of Links. When you are finished click Send.