A broadcast is an email message that is sent by an individual sender to a mass audience. Using Adopia's "Manage Broadcast" feature, you will be able to create and customize your own broadcast message. 

Video Tutorial 

In your Adopia account, simply click Manage Broadcast. 

Next, click Create Broadcast.

Choose whether you are interested in either a plain text or HTML message by clicking either Plain Text or HTML Message

Next, you have the option of choosing one of Adopia's mailing templates or if you'd like to create your own custom template choose Blank Template

Under Create Broadcast enter the Contacts Name, From Address, From Name and Subject. By choosing Select Custom Fields you are able to enter whatever 

information you would like to include about the contact in the Subject field (First Name, Last Name, IP Address, Etc...). 

To load your personal newsletter or advertisement into the HTML Body of the message select Tools and choose Source Code

In the Source Code pop up window enter the HTML for your email newsletter/creative and click Ok

You have several options on how you'd like to modify your newsletter. For instance, you can insert pictures or change the text by using the tools within the HTML Body section of the message. 

On the bottom of the page, you have the options to Add Attachments to the mail, Test the Mail, Check the Spam Score and Save Template

By choosing to Test the Mail you have the option to send your email to a test account of your choice to see if the email lands in the Inbox or 

Spam folder. If it lands in the Spam folder you can make necessary changes to the mail's content and keep testing it until it reaches the inbox. 

Simply enter your test account’s email address and click Test It

When finished typing your message you can check the spam level your mail registers by clicking Check Spam Score

On a scale of 0-5 (5 being the highest spam level), your email will be gauged on whether it’s likely to end up in the inbox or the spam folder. 

Make corrections to your message based on the spam score if necessary. 

If you wish to add triggers to your broadcast message click Attach Triggers. A trigger is a message that is directly sent out after your broadcast has
been opened. 

In the Attach Triggers pop up window, select the trigger mails and the duration that you want the mails to be sent out by after a broadcast message has

been opened.

Choose whether or not you'd like to track the open and click through rates of your message by checking Track Open Rate and/or 

Track Click Through of LinksClick Continue when finished. 

Under Create Broadcast, choose the list of recipients you'd like to broadcast your message to. Check the list(s) you'd like to broadcast to under Include Recipients

Next, you can select a filter you'd like to apply to your broadcast and you can create a new filter by selecting Create A New Filter.

If you'd like to add a suppression list to apply to your broadcast click Add a New Suppression List. Check the suppression lists you'd like use. 

Adopia's Active Segmentation feature allows you to choose whether you'd like to mail to certain segments of openers or clickers (active users). An opener is a recipient that has opened the email, a clicker is a recipient that opens the email and clicks the offer link. You are be able to view and choose the time period where the users were most active and have the option of sending only to those users. 

Click Next Step when finished. 

Under "When Would You Like to Send Your Message" choose between whether you'd like to send your broadcast out now or at a later time by choosing 

to Immediately Send Message or Send Message at a Later Time. If you select Send message at a later time, schedule the year, month, day, hour and 

minute for when you wantyour broadcast to send.  


Adopia also has an option to send your broadcast over a period of hours. If you choose to send your broadcast over a period of hours Adopia will 

ration your broadcast message out by the number of hours you enter. For example, if you were mailing to 100 recipients total and you choose to send a 

message over a period of 2 hours, 50 recipients would receive the broadcast in the first hour and the other 50 recipients would receive it in the second hour. 

Click Send Now when finished.