A filter is a tool that is used to optimize your results by excluding unwanted information. Using Adopia's Manage Filter tool you are able to create filters that can be applied to your messages.'

Video Tutorial

In your Adopia account page, click Manage Filter. 

Next, click Create New Filter.

In the Create a New Filter popup window Name Your FilterIn Filter Criteria you can choose what information (Email, Gender, Zip, etc...) to include

and what to exclude in your mailing list. For example, if you wish to not mail to recipients on your list that are Yahoo members, you would select "Email," "Is Not"

and then "Yahoo." You can add as many filters as you'd like by clicking  and you can subtract filters by clicking XClick Create Filter when finished. 

You are also able to add a conditional filter group if you would like to see results based on certain criteria by clicking 'Add Conditional Group.' For example, if you'd like to exclude Hotmail users, but would 

like to see results based on certain gender information, you would enter one group as male and add a conditional group that's female. 

When you are finished click Create Filter.