Your Adopia account should only be used for people that are requesting specific information from you. By sending any unwanted mail, you maybe unintentionally sending spam. Below are some common ways that can accidentally result in sending spam from your Adopia account:

Receiving an unsolicited email from a person and you adding that person's email address to your mailing list. When you send an email to that person in retaliation, you are now spamming them. 

If you subscribe to a certain email address using your Adopia email address. Now, anytime someone emails that address they will be added to your mailing list. When you later send those people mail it will be considered spam. 

Using your Adopia email address and subscribing to e-zines and newsletters is considered spamming. Unfortunately, this will add the e-zines and website editors to your customer's list and later when the editors receive mails from you it will be considered spam.