Click the Manage Contacts link in your Adopia account.

Under the Search tab you can select a saved filter by choosing Select Filter. Choose the Mailing list you would like to send to by selecting from Lists

Select either ALL (all time) or Custom Date Range, depending upon the date range you wish to filter your list. If you're selecting Custom Date Range

enter dates to search contacts. 

Next, enter filters to help simplify your search. You can filter by Email, Name, Gender, Zip Code, DOB, etc... and choose whether to include that particular 

field or not in your search. For example, if you would like to search for contacts who are not mailing to Yahoo, select “Email” than ‘Is Not” and then enter 

“Yahoo.” You can add as many new filters as you like by selecting the + button or subtract filters by selecting the X button. 


If you wish to add another group to see which users the two lists have in common, click Add Conditional Group and repeat the process. 

When you are finished click Search Now.