Using Adopia's Delivery Tracker tool you are able to see the percentage of sent mail that landed in the inbox, junk or was deemed missing from

the major ISP's mailed to. The Delivery Tracker tool will give you a clearer picture of where your mails are going, so you can take steps to improve

your delivery results. 

Video Tutorial

In your Adopia account click Delivery Tracker.

Under Delivery Tracker, enter the date(s) you wish to see your message's statistics for and click Update

Statistics including the date, the subject (campaign), the number of messages making it in the inbox or the bulk and whether the message was deemed 

missing are displayed. By clicking on any of the displayed campaigns you can see your delivery statistics from  ISP's (Gmail,Yahoo, AOL, etc...)

you are mailing to. This delivery statistics include the number of mails that landed in the Inbox, bulk and the number of messages missing.