Adopia has a unique "Scrubbing Job" feature where you can unsubscribe or delete users who are have been inactive for an extended period of time, saving you time and money by sending out less emails. 

How Can I Add a Scrubbing Job? 

In your Adopia account click Manage Contacts.

Next click the Scrubbing Jobs tab under Manage Contacts.

Click Add Scrubbing Job. 

In the Add Scrubbing Job popup window, enter the scrubbing job name, select the type of user (All Users, Non Openers, Non Clickers), their joining date, the date 

range that you wish to "scrub" inactive users and select whether you’d like to Unsubscribe those users or Flag Them For Deletion. You then can choose the frequency

you wish to unsubscribe or delete the users by, by choosing either One Time, which will delete the users only this one time, or you can choose Automate Daily

which will automatically unsubscribe or delete users on the date cycle that you choose. Click Scrub Users Now when you are finished.