You’re a new mailer and are using an IP address for the first time. However, for some unknown reason your deliverability statistics are not optimal. The reason is because you haven’t acquired the trust of your email providers yet and your IP’s reputation is questionable at best. Instead of blasting emails out from the IP Address, which could trash your IP reputation, it’s better to gradually gain the trust of email providers by warming up your IP. There are some simple techniques that will speed up the warming process, which will in turn increase your deliverability:

             1.  Mail to your most active users. 

     Mailing to your most active users on a consistent basis will aid in building up your IP’s trust. ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) will soon recognize that your mails are finding their niche audience with active users engaging.

             2.  Gain access to feedback loop programs.

     Nothing is more damaging to an IP’s reputation than spam complaints. Signing up for several feedback loop programs will help process spam complaints in your database coming from ISP’s. This information 

     is helpful because it will allow you to understand where these spam complaints are coming from, so that you can stop delivering to those users.

3.  Monitor your bounce rates

     If your bounce rate exceeds 10% there are clearly several issues with your user list, which can cause a negative effect with ISP’s. Thoroughly engage in a cleansing process before mailing to the remainder of your sub lists

4.  Divide Your Mailing List

     In order to avoid spikes in user complaints and high bounce rates it’s best to divide your list up into sub lists of no more than 10,000 users each. Deliver to one sub list each day in order to achieve better quality control. 

5. Authentication data set up

    Be sure to encrypt your emails with DKIM, and include your IP address in your SPF in order to garner a good IP reputation. ISP’s such as Google and Hotmail look at your authentication data and if it’s not up to their standards it could diminish your IP quality.

6. Slowly build and maintain mail volume

    Once an IP is warmed up, it’s important to reach a stable mail volume and consistently mail to that particular volume for around 30 days. After that period has passed, a steady increase in volume in the coming months is recommended. Hefty increases in volume can cause

    deliverability issues and a high percentage of spam complaints from users.