Why is my message not reaching the inbox? This question has been asked by several email marketers and the biggest reason maybe content filtering. Content filtering can affect your email marketing

campaign by subjecting your mails to filters and sending them to the junk folder. Spam filters primarily look at the structure as well as the content of the message when judging whether a message is spam or not.

Below are some tips for not being detected by spam filters:

1. The subject line, plain text and links of your mail should all be related to each other. It's best to have an honest appearance, so it doesn't look like you are deceiving the subscriber. 

2. Don't use words and phrases like "Win Money Now" or "Free" or anything similar to that, which can be interpreted as spam. It's best to rarely use these words or avoid them all together. 

3. Make it so your unsubscribe link is easy to find in your emails. Usually putting the unsubscribe address in the footer of the email is the best idea, because it's a familiar place for subscribers to look. 

4. Using brightly colored backgrounds with text that is difficult to decipher in messages is not a good idea. Spammers often structure their mails with brightly colored backgrounds and difficult to read text. 

5. It's a good idea to send from your messages from a reputable URL with a brand or person's name attached to it. Organizing your message by attaching a person's name or brand to it makes the mail 

look more legitimate and gives the subscriber a sense of familiarity with the message.