There are many different ways to increase traffic to your website. Some methods require spending money and others don't. Below are some of the best ways to draw traffic to your website: 

Strong SEO Content

Submit to several search engines and directories such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. It’s also a good idea to submit to less recognizable web directories, so that your website is listed in as many places as possible, which could in turn help you climb the ranks of major search engines as well.


Participate in Forums

Going into forums and engage with your target audience. Offering helpful advice to solving their issues will help you build credibility. When finished with a post be sure to put the link to your website for others to view. Be sure not to post your link too many times however, because you could lose the respect of people who frequent the website otherwise.


Exchange Links

Trading links with websites that have content closely associated with yours will increase your web presence and likely bring your site more traffic. Link only to credible sites that will truly help your visitors as sites that can appear questionable can tarnish your reputation. Trading banners, classified ads, half page ads, etc... are also strong methods for promoting your website.


Actively Promote with Social Media

Post pages that promote your website on such social media channels as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc… This will help you build a following for your site through posts and word of mouth advertising.Users will promote content saving you a great deal of time.


Use Only Original, Quality Content

Avoid copying and pasting content from another website. The big search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Google and others can detect unoriginal content and will cause your website to cascade down the rankings. It’s also important to avoid spelling mistakes and grammar errors as they can make your site look unprofessional. Offering original content that is regularly fresh, informative and entertaining will draw traffic and build your user base.


Using many different methods of promoting including, e-zines, websites, word of mouth and forums instead of only using links are effective ways of getting your name out there. Be creative, try and promote your site using unorthodox methods that make you stand out from others sites with similar content.